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GlacisTech is a managed service provider (MSP) and managed security solution provider (MSSP) for small to medium-size businesses in the Dallas and North Texas region.

As a leading managed service provider in Dallas, we’ve been helping our customers grow their business by providing innovative, state-of-the-art IT solutions that enable them to:

GlacisTech | Managed Service Provider | Dallas TX
Focus on their core business without worrying about their technology infrastructure (We call it ‘Worry-Free IT’)
GlacisTech | Managed Service Provider | Dallas TX
Increase the efficiency of their operations, so they meet their growth objectives
GlacisTech | Managed Service Provider | Dallas TX
Create predictability and increase the ROI of their IT spend
GlacisTech | Managed Service Provider | Dallas TX
Cost-effectively scale their IT to meet the demands of their growing business

Our Services

Managed Service Provider | Worry-Free IT | GlacisTech

Worry-Free IT

A comprehensive suite of services that work in harmony to fuel growth



Managed Service Provider | Virtual CIO | GlacisTech | Dallas

Virtual CIO

Expert strategic guidance to provide a roadmap to success



Managed Service Provider | Cybersecurity | GlacisTech | Dallas TX


Keep your assets secure with advanced, multi-layered threat detection, protection & remediation


Managed Service Provider | Managed IT | GlacisTech | Dallas TX

Managed IT

Everything you need to optimize productivity and reduce downtime without costly fixed overhead


Managed Service Provider | Cloud Services | GlacisTech | Dallas TX

Cloud Services

Scalable and cost-effective solutions for hosted applications and storage in a secure cloud environment


About you

You are a company on a mission. With intense growth targets in your forecast, there’s no time for downtime. You’ve built a world-class organization with an intentional focus on profitable growth, and deliberate action plans to get you there. And you depend on your IT systems to support those plans, 100% of the time. Risks of downed networks, data breaches, or technology that can’t keep up – well, these are not options that fit into your growth plans.

We get that. We understand you need an IT partner who understands how much you depend on your IT structure. And, we’re here to help you leverage your IT to fuel your growth.

If you face these challenges, we can help.

  • Tired of quick-fix, band-aid solutions
  • Overworked and under-resourced IT staff
  • Compliance and regulatory challenges
  • Critical data assets that must be protected
  • Worried about unpredictable, out-of-control IT costs
  • Need expert advice on a technology strategy that fits your needs
  • Require best-in-class technology & top talent to support your growth initiatives
  • Don’t have time for downtime – period

Managed Service Provider | GlacisTech | Dallas TX

How are we different from other
Managed Service Providers?

GlacisTech is a relationship-driven partner that is purpose-built to provide strategic consulting and IT solutions for growing organizations. We’ve grown our own business organically by providing best-in-class talent, proven advisory support, and innovative technology solutions to address the dynamic needs of today’s business climate.

Managed Service Provider | GlacisTech | Dallas TX

Absurdly talented people

Maintaining highly skilled IT talent is one of the most difficult challenges for organizations today. So we do it for you. Our people are our biggest asset. We invest heavily in finding, training, and retaining top IT talent who thrive on solving technology challenges. These are the people we put to work for you.

Managed Service Provider | Relationship-driven | GlacisTech | Dallas TXRelationship-driven

You don’t need to worry about call centers who ask you the same questions each time or rely on spotty ticket data to solve your challenges. That’s a waste of your valuable time. Each managed care customer has the full support of a dedicated team who knows you, your network, and your complete IT system. No downtime, no strangers.

Managed Service Provider | Responsive | GlacisTech | Dallas


No matter when you call, you’ll have the support of an experienced and knowledgeable dedicated team member ready to tackle the challenge. We’re a small company with big-company discipline. We marry relationship-focused customer support with innovative technology solutions to keep your IT structure up and running, and your people focused on growing your business.

Managed Service Provider | Full Expertise | GlacisTech

Full breadth of expertise, without extra fixed overhead

You don’t have time for patchwork fixes or unpredictable costs. Our full line of managed IT, cloud, cybersecurity, and strategic consulting services provide a comprehensive solution that works in harmony to strengthen, secure, and support all your technology and network needs. So, your business runs without interruption – or the extra fixed overhead.

Managed Service Provider | GlacisTech | Dallas TX


Today’s business climate is fast-paced, dynamic, and brutally difficult to maintain a competitive advantage without an advanced technology strategy. GlacisTech provides the thought-leadership and counsel to alleviate unknowns, and align your goals with a  customized technology strategy that matches your business requirements — and helps propel your growth.

Managed Service Provider | Compliance | GlacisTech | Dallas

Purposeful compliance

We’ve successfully navigated the compliance process ourselves. So, we understand how difficult the journey can be. We’re uniquely qualified to guide you through the procedure, alleviating the unknowns and knocking down roadblocks before they become obstacles. Our team of compliance experts, combined with our compliance management platform, provides the support you need to get compliant and stay compliant.

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Managed Service Provider | GlacisTech | Dallas TX

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