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Cloud computing – access
data anywhere there’s internet


Cloud computing allows businesses to access all their data anywhere with internet, without the burden of maintaining the infrastructure.

Many businesses are considering the benefits of cloud computing, with good reason. Eliminating the hassle of continually upgrading server equipment, offloading IT staffing requirements, minimizing security concerns, and avoiding CapEx limits make Cloud computing a very appealing option.

But, the choices and considerations of migrating to the Cloud can be overwhelming. GlacisTech can help.

Our Cloud Services include:

Cloud Services | Cloud Storage | GlacisTech | Top Dallas MSP

Cloud Storage

Backup and storage of data with regular remote access, syncing and sharing

Cloud Services | Cloud Backup & Recovery | GlacisTech

Cloud Backup & Recovery

Managed and secure repositories for backups and recovery

Cloud Services | SAAS | GlacisTech

SAAS (Software as a Service)

Utilizes the web to provide an application service to remote devices such as Office 365, Google Apps, and Quickbooks Online

IT Services | Worry-Free IT | GlacisTech

Cloud Hosting

Facilitates various types of information sharing, such as email services, application hosting, web-based phone systems, and data storage

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Benefits of GlacisTech
managed cloud services

For small to medium businesses, managed cloud services can provide big benefits for constrained budgets and overstretched IT resources.

Right-fit strategy & cloud expertise

GlacisTech cloud experts can help you devise just the right plan to optimize available cloud capabilities with your existing systems. We’ll analyze your current systems, business environment, and technical requirements to architect just the right cloud strategy to help you maximize the full potential of your infrastructure ecosystem.

 Scalable & flexible

As your business grows, or when there are spikes in volume due to seasonal or process peaks, our cloud services will keep up with your needs.

Best-in-class technology

Tired of dealing with end-of-life technology and large cash outlays for newer server models to host your data? With managed cloud services, you can offload the cost and maintenance of data hosting – and the constant worrying.

Secure & compliant

GlacisTech’s managed cloud services provide an additional layer of security to help protect your valuable data with redundancy and business continuity programs built into your plan. Additionally, all cloud services from GlacisTech utilize only best-in-class servers that are SOC2 Type II certified and PCI DSS and HIPAA compliant.


With our wealth of experience in cloud computing, you can be sure your integration, testing, migration, and user adoption processes run smoothly and efficiently, so your organization can reap the benefits without missing a beat.


Managed cloud services provide a cost-effective solution that requires no capital investment and no additional IT staff. And because the services grow with your business, your IT investments are aligned closer to business requirements making every CFO happy.

24/7 monitoring & support

GlacisTech provides always-on monitoring and support for all your managed cloud services, so you’ll never have to worry.

GlacisTech managed
cloud service specialties

We’re not just another pretty face. We’re also certified and experienced professionals in the most in-demand cloud computing platforms for today’s fast-paced business environment.

Cloud Services | Microsoft Azure Partner | GlacisTech

Why do so many businesses use Microsoft Azure for their cloud platform? Azure offers businesses of all sizes the power, flexibility, security, and cost-effectiveness that makes good business sense.

GlacisTech is a trusted Azure partner with deep experience in system planning, design, and implementation of Microsoft Azure for clients of all sizes. If you are considering Azure as a cloud computing option, our certified and seasoned professionals can help you design and implement the right plan to meet your objectives.

When your business requires productivity that is scalable, mobile, and easily integrated into current business processes, then Microsoft 365 is the solution. With productivity modules, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote – Office 365 is the go-to when things need to get done. And Microsoft 365 provides Exchange hosting that can replace file servers and offer access to cloud-based services such as Exchange Online, SharePoint, Skype for Business, as well as enhanced mobility functionality.

As a certified and highly experienced Microsoft 365 partner, GlacisTech can help you with full implementation and management of your Microsoft 365 plan.

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