The word ‘Glacis’ is a security term derived from French military tactics to describe the artificial slope surrounding a fortress.

The ‘glacis’ slope allows fortress defenders to spot unwanted intruders early, sweep the attackers with fire to prevent entry, and protect fortress walls from fire. And that’s exactly what we do at GlacisTech – protect, defend, and fortify your information technology fortress from vulnerabilities. Whether it’s downed networks, inefficient IT structure, or cyberattacks – GlacisTech provides managed services that strengthen and secure your IT systems.

Markets we serve

GlacisTech provides deep industry expertise to support many market segments, including:

GlacisTech | IT services for Manufacturing - Distributing

Manufacturing &

Ready to compete with offshore rivals but need a partner to support your digital transformation, machine automation & cybersecurity processes?

Count on us for strategic support in IT system modernization that supports your diverse and demanding operating conditions.


GlacisTech | Managed IT for Financial - Professional Services

Financial & Professional Services

Financial advisors, accounting firms, brokers, and other professional services have mission-critical deadlines, data security, and regulatory compliance challenges that make your IT infrastructure unique.

GlacisTech has extensive expertise to ensure your IT system supports your taxing environments so you can support your clients’ needs.

GlacisTech | IT for Healthcare & Surgery Centers | Dallas TX

Healthcare & Surgery Centers

Medical practice offices and specialized surgery or outpatient centers are under intense pressure with compliance, patient data security/HIPAA compliance, EMR records, and workflow that optimizes patient outcomes.

GlacisTech’s team of healthcare IT specialists will help you optimize your IT systems for security, operational workflow, and compliance reporting so you can focus on your patients.

GlacisTech | IT for Nonprofits | Dallas TX


Successful nonprofits today are modernizing their vision and operational processes to accomplish their nonprofit missions better. Grant funding requirements, compliance regulations, heavy reporting obligations, and managing multiple channels require technology infrastructure that rival sophisticated corporations.

GlacisTech’s deep experience and expertise in the nonprofit arena will help you optimize and scale your IT system so you can serve your communities.

GlacisTech | IT for Engineering & Architectural Companies | Dallas TX

Engineering & Architectural

In your world, equipment or network failure can mean missed deadlines for construction schedules. And, that can mean lost revenue or worse, hits to your stellar reputation.

GlacisTech understands the heavy workload on your IT system from sophisticated printers, software, and network usage. We’ll help you optimize your system and provide proactive network management so you can meet those mission-critical deadlines.


GlacisTech | IT for Growth-Minded SMBs

Growth-Minded SMBs

Have a small budget but big IT requirements? GlacisTech provides growing companies the support needed to keep up with rapidly changing technology with cost-effective managed IT and cybersecurity services.

From complete IT outsourcing to supplemental wrap-around services, we provide  24/7 technical expertise, innovative technology solutions, and advisory consulting to provide the competitive advantage you need to carve out more market share.


“Retaining GlacisTech allows us to do what we do best rather than wasting time troubleshooting. A well-managed network and IT environment is one you don’t have to think about, and that’s where GlacisTech has excelled.”

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Our Partners

GlacisTech Partner | SentinelOne | Dallas TX
GlacisTech Partner | ID Agent | Dallas TX
GlacisTech Partner | Microsoft | Dallas TX
GlacisTech Partner | Kaseya | Dallas TX
Infosec -GlacisTech Partner | GlacisTech Managed Service Provider | Dallas TX
GlacisTech Partner | SKOUT Cybersecurity | Dallas TX

Core Values

GlacisTech is always striving to be great, and at our core, we encompass values that we believe allow us to do that within our company and our community.

GlacisTech | Core Values | Do the Right Thing

Do the right thing

GlacisTech is committed to providing honorable, honest service always, and this starts with hiring ethical people who strive for excellence themselves.

GlacisTech | Core Values | Giving BackGiving back

Our commitment to nonprofits part of our company DNA. We serve the people of our communities through several organizations, and our staff is privileged to work alongside them at numerous events throughout the year.

GlacisTech | Core Values | Being TransparentBeing transparent

GlacisTech embodies open, upfront, and honest communication within the organization and with each of our clients. Transparency of process, what we do, and how we do it, fosters valued growth for our clients and helps us form loyal relationships.

GlacisTech | Core Values | Team FirstTeam first

We view humility as one of GlacisTech’s biggest strengths and look for it within each member of our team. Being humble opens our team up for positive change and allows us to improve our process and level of service constantly.

GlacisTech | Core Values | Responsiveness


With the services we provide our clients, being actively responsive and providing concise updates is imperative. We understand the demands and downfalls of technology and strive to be available 24/7 to answer questions, solve problems, and deliver peace of mind to our clients.

GlacisTech | Core Values | Strive to be great

Strive to be great

At GlacisTech, we pledge absolute effort in daily endeavors, shooting for continuous improvement and aiming toward excellence as a team and for our clients.

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Managed Service Provider | GlacisTech | Dallas TX

Our Leaders

Greg Murff | President & CEO | GlacisTech | Dallas TX
CEO & President

Greg Murff

Dedicated to establishing solid IT solutions for growing SMBs.

As CEO/President of GlacisTech and 25+ years of industry experience in the Information Services & Technology sector, Greg Murff is the driving force behind a business dedicated to establishing robust IT solutions for SMB clients throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Greg's success stems not only from his industry expertise and passion for technology but in his innate ability to establish long-term customer relationships based on trust and dependability.

When not at the office, Greg enjoys time with his family, playing golf, and is an avid reader. He's involved in Children Advocacy support and loves dogs. Former military and alumni of a small, rural high school with ten peers, Greg combines the personality and familiarity of knowing every client on a first-name, small-town-charm basis with his vast experience, accolades, and certifications of IT technology for each client and considers them more partners and friends than clients.

Shawn Kruze | Chief Technology Officer | GlacisTech | Dallas
Chief Technology Officer

Shawn Kruse

A strategic forward-thinker and problem-solver.

A puzzle-lover at heart, Shawn Kruse’s passion for problem-solving and building technology solutions started early in his college career at Texas A&M University. While working within a departmental IT organization, Shawn helped the college build new computers, repair computers, and maintain servers and networks.

With over twenty-two years in IT and fourteen years in the MSP space, Shawn has also built a reputation for helping small to medium-size businesses optimize their IT assets and protect their data. Shawn is recognized as a strategic forward-thinker with expertise across the full IT spectrum, including cloud computing, cybersecurity, network infrastructure, and mobility solutions.

Shawn holds a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems from Texas A&M University and advanced certifications from top technology vendors.

When not solving IT puzzles and thwarting fiendish cyber plots, Shawn spends time with his family enjoying the outdoors at zoos, parks, or nature trails. Shawn is also a sports fan and loves watching events with friends as well as playing golf or tennis when possible.

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