CMMC Compliance Remediation

Helping DoD subcontractors achieve and maintain CMMC compliance.

Starting in 2020, all companies in the military supply chain will need to begin the journey towards CMMC certification in order to bid on government contracts. This includes all subcontractors in the Defense Industry Base (DIB) of any size. Is your organization ready?

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CMMC Compliance Remediation
for DoD Subcontractors

GlacisTech is an IT managed services provider (MSP) and managed security solution provider (MSSP) with deep expertise in Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) compliance remediation.

As the top MSP for growing businesses in DFW, we know what’s at risk for small to medium-size DoD subcontractors facing CMMC compliance. And, we understand how limited internal IT resources can pose significant challenges to the future of your DoD business.

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Get Ready for CMMC with GlacisTech’s 4-Step
Worry-Free CMMC™ program

To support DoD contractors and subcontractors seeking CMMC certification, GlacisTech has created a comprehensive CMMC-Readiness program to facilitate the strategic analysis, planning, and remediation of compliance gaps.

Together with our partners, GlacisTech helps you get in compliance and stay in compliance
for your desired maturity level.

Be ready for the CMMC third-party audit* with our comprehensive, cost-effective CMMC solution that takes the worry out of CMMC compliance.

CMMC Readiness Planning Session

Start your CMMC journey off with a free, no-commitment strategic planning session with an independent, certified compliance consultant and get clarity on all your CMMC questions. GlacisTech has partnered with independent industry experts to provide you with an unbiased perspective of how CMMC will impact your unique organization. Get the answers you need, without spending a dime. Schedule your CMMC Readiness planning session today

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CMMC Gap Analysis & Compliance Roadmap

Prepare for CMMC with an independent* and comprehensive Gap Analysis & Roadmap that identifies all potential compliance gaps & risks, documents controls, provides a prescriptive remediation plan with assigned & monitored tasks, implements required SAAS platform, and delivers a comprehensive, step-by-step compliance roadmap and management plan for operational execution, strategic budgeting, and board presentation.

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CMMC Compliance Remediation

GlacisTech’s remediation services provide a structured and cost-effective approach to mitigate CMMC compliance gaps in preparation for CMMC certification assessments. Utilizing the independent CMMC Gap Analysis & Compliance Roadmap, our team of cybersecurity experts support your internal resources to quickly and cost-effectively remediate IT-related tasks that risk adherence to CMMC compliance standards.

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Compliance Preservation & Cyber-Agility™

Cyberthreats are evolving every hour of every day. GlacisTech can help you fortify your infrastructure and create cyber resiliency to reduce cyber-related risks today, and well into the future. Our cybersecurity team of experts will help transform your cybersecurity culture to better prepare for evolving threats by applying proactive solutions for advancing regulatory requirements and delivering repeatable, scalable, cyber-agility practices and controls.

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* The CMMC Gap Analysis & Compliance Roadmap is developed through a partnership with an independent compliance audit expert to provide completely unbiased recommendations based solely on your organization’s situation and desired maturity level of certification. The recommendations provided are untethered to remediation services. GlacisTech’s Worry-Free CMMC services are designed to help DIB partners get ready for the CMMC third-party assessment. GlacisTech is not a CMMC accredited assessor.

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Be ready for the CMMC assessment and keep your ability to bid on government contracts.

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GlacisTech CMMC
Compliance Remediation Services

Is your organization ready for CMMC? If not, GlacisTech CMMC compliance remediation services can help you get there. Specializing in Level 1 through Level 3 CMMC Maturity Levels for small to medium-size subcontractors, GlacisTech works in symphony with your organization’s IT department to provide the expertise and supplemental support you need.

  • Access Controls
  • Address and Remediate Deficient Controls
  • Advance Threat Prevention
  • Anti-malware/Virus Protection
  • Breach and Incident Response
  • Cloud Engineering
  • CMMC Compliance Management
  • Communication Protection & Identity | Authentication
  • Configuration Management
  • Cybersecurity Awareness & Training
  • Data Backup
  • Data Destruction
  • Data Storage Security
  • Device Asset Discovery & Management
  • Digital Asset & Media Protection
  • Digital Forensics
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Email Security
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Intrusion Detection & Response
  • Malware/Virus Removal
  • Managed IPS & Firewall
  • Managed Security Services
  • Microsoft 365 GCC
  • Microsoft 365 GCC High
  • Microsoft 365 DoD
  • Network Patches & Network Development
  • Personnel Security
  • Physical Security
  • Policy Development Support
  • Resolving Vulnerability Findings
  • Risk Assessment & Management
  • Security Assessment
  • Security Policies & Procedures Development
  • Server and Workstation Updates / Upgrades
  • SOC as a Service
  • Software Integrity & Upgrades
  • SSP and POA&M documentation (NIST SP800-171 standards)
  • Technology upgrades and/or Implementation
  • Threat Assessment Findings Resolution
  • Vulnerability Scans & Analysis

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