Maximize productivity and profitability
while reducing costly downtime.

When there’s no time for downtime…
or unpredictability

Let’s face it – the pace of business is faster than it has ever been. There’s no time for system outages than can lead to costly hits to your bottom line – and your reputation.

Organizations challenged with under-resourced IT talent, unstable network systems, or a complicated infrastructure find it difficult to stay on track with their growth objectives. Downtime caused by low-performing IT systems can leave your productivity dead in the water. And put your profitability at risk.

GlacisTech’s managed IT Services provide a proactive, predictable, and cost-effective solution to keep your business running smoothly. And, managed IT services provide long-term value with lower IT costs, better network stability, increased uptime availability, and more predictable IT spending.

Managed IT Services | Reduce Downtime | GlacisTech | Dallas TX

Worry-Free managed IT
services benefits

GlacisTech | Core Values | Do the Right Thing
Improve operational efficiencies & productivity
GlacisTech | Core Values | Do the Right Thing
Prevent costly downtime
GlacisTech | Core Values | Do the Right Thing
Reduce operating expenses & unpredictable spending
GlacisTech | Core Values | Do the Right Thing
Improve profitability
GlacisTech | Core Values | Do the Right Thing
Mitigate risks of security and data breaches
GlacisTech | Core Values | Do the Right Thing
Stay informed and in compliance
GlacisTech | Core Values | Do the Right Thing
Scalable, flexible support that grows with you
GlacisTech | Core Values | Do the Right Thing
Best-in-class IT expertise

Expert support you can
count on — 24/7

When you have GlacisTech in your corner, you have a partner who knows your business – and your IT systems.

Our relationship-focused, dedicated team approach means you’ll always have access to a team member ready to help you solve any issues that arise. And, our best-in-class technology provides around-the-clock monitoring with cutting-edge tools to tackle even the most challenging IT situations.

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Managed IT Services | GlacisTech | Top Support Provider

Managed IT Services

GlacisTech will help your business run smoothly with a managed IT program explicitly designed to strengthen, secure, and support your organization’s IT systems. From assessments and design to expert support to always-on monitoring and preventative maintenance – we have you covered.

GlacisTech | Network Administration | Team FirstNetwork design, admin
& 24/7 monitoring

Now, your network can run like a well-oiled machine, without interruption. Our team of network experts can help you design and set up your system, integrate fragmented networks or legacy systems, and administer and monitor your network 24/7 to ensure optimum reliability and performance. Network services include; diagnostics and debugging, routing optimization, DHCP & TCP/IP management, advanced switching and implementation, LAN / WAN, wireless/ethernet, hardware installation and support, firewall and router installation, remote access, VPNs, interface with backbone providers, as well as documentation and project management.

Managed IT Support | Virus & Malware Protection | GlacisTechVirus &
malware protection

Stay in control of your email and network systems, and stop losing productivity due to viruses, malware, and phishing with GlacisTech’s comprehensive virus and malware protection. Utilizing AI-powered EDR (active Endpoint Detection & Response), we go beyond typical antivirus protection to combat the most extensive array of threats and keep your systems secure every minute of every day. Read more about GlacisTech’s robust cybersecurity services>

Managed IT Services | VOIP | GlacisTechVoIP
(Voice over Internet Protocol)

Get secure, reliable, VoIP with carrier-grade quality and Tier 1 network centers that ensure your business communications are protected from service interruption threats such as natural disasters, power outages, and malicious attacks. VoIP from GlacisTech eliminates the need for costly on-premise PBX hardware and provides extras such as mobile apps, online meetings, and business SMS capabilities.

Managed IT Services | Mobility | GlacisTech


Stay connected and stay secure with GlacisTech’s mobility design and implementation services. Our mobility experts can help you plan and implement mobility solutions that integrate with your business processes so your users can stay connected on any device. Services include BYOD initiatives, platform analysis and recommendations, application integration, migration, testing, and monitoring services.

Managed IT Services | Asset Monitoring | GlacisTech | Dallas TXAsset Monitoring

Stay on top of your organization’s IT assets and optimize inventory management, equipment procurement, licensing renewals and compliance, lifecycle management, and configuration management with GlacisTech’s asset monitoring services.

Managed IT Services | Data Recovery & Backup | GlacisTech | Dallas TexasData recovery & backup

The accessibility and integrity of your data are essential to your business. We’ll help you mitigate risks with a comprehensive data backup and recovery plan designed to safeguard your data from unintentional loss, malicious intent, and virus threats. GlacisTech services include network evaluations, development and network configuration of a backup solution, formal disaster recovery plans, and 24/7 management, monitoring, and remediation protocols.

managed IT Services | Support Desk | GlacisTech

Support desk

Need expert help fast? Our 24/7 support desk provides easy access to support via phone, email, and desktop ticketing to ensure your IT needs are responded to quickly and efficiently. Our expertly trained support staff can provide remote support at any time of day.

Managed IT Services | Proactive Maintenance | Dallas TexasProactive Maintenance

Included with all GlacisTech Worry-Free IT programs, our proactive and preventative maintenance services provide regular updates and maintenance, backup and recovery tests, drive space utilization monitoring, Windows patch updates, and much more. Complete with monthly performance reporting so you can worry less about all your IT systems.

Managed IT Services | Compliance & Documentation | GlacisTechSolid Documentation

From design to compliance to support desk tickets, you’ll always have detailed documentation about every incident, network device, server, computer, and printer within your IT environment to ensure complete visibility into your IT systems.

Managed IT Services | Special Projects | GlacisTechSpecial Projects

Have a special project you need supported by IT experts? From software installations, platform integrations, setting up remote teams, server builds and migrations, network upgrades, to workstation rollouts — we provide just the right strategic insight and technical expertise to help you from beginning to end — or any point in between.

Managed IT Services | Audits & Assessments | GlacisTech | Dallas TXAudits & Assessments

Not sure if your existing IT systems are ready to keep up with your growth? Considering technology upgrades or migrating to the Cloud? Consistently experiencing downtime but not sure where to start? The GlacisTech Worry-Free IT System Audit can help. We’ll conduct a thorough analysis of your current IT infrastructure and systems, then provide a comprehensive plan that aligns with your business objectives. Find out more>


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