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Your business is on the move. You have market share to gain and targets to hit. But slow networks, crashing servers, and system downtime can slow your momentum to a grinding halt. And, the hidden risks could be costly to your bottom line.

Get ahead of potential debilitating issues before they become a problem with a free IT Risk Assessment from Dallas’ premier managed IT service provider for growing companies. And the home of Worry-Free IT.

Common IT & Network Challenges:

  • Performance issues such as sluggishness, frequent reboots, server crashes, and outages
  • Application problems including glitchy or buggy software
  • Mobility issues with remote workforce access and security
  • Compliance concerns
  • Risks associated with outdated operating systems & software leading to compromised data and security breaches
  • Suspected security issues such as malware, phishing, or leaky networks
  • Resource availability challenges
  • Changes in ERP or other operational platforms

Free, No-obligation Worry-Free
IT Risk Assessment from GlacisTech

GlacisTech | Managed Service Provider | Dallas TX
Uncover potentially debilitating hidden risks & vulnerabilities
GlacisTech | Managed Service Provider | Dallas TX
Identify priority issues for budgeting & strategic planning

GlacisTech | Managed Service Provider | Dallas TX
Gain strategic insight into optimizing your systems for your unique environment
GlacisTech | Managed Service Provider | Dallas TX
Discover opportunities to leverage technology for increased productivity and cost savings
GlacisTech | Managed Service Provider | Dallas TX
Stealth-mode process, non-intrusive and won’t interfere with operations or slow down networks
GlacisTech | Managed Service Provider | Dallas TX
Performed by certified senior engineers usually within 1-2 hours
IT Risk Assessment | GlacisTech | Managed IT Service Provider
IT Risk Assessment | Worry-Free IT | GlacisTech Managed Service Provider | Dallas TX

IT Risk Assessment

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Onsite Assessment | IT Risk Assessment | GlacisTech Dallas TX

Onsite Assessment

Your onsite appointment includes a comprehensive visual inspection of all network equipment, servers, and detectable technologies, plus interviews with stakeholders to understand your technology use and goals.

Network Assessment | Free IT Risk Assessment | GlacisTech | DallasTX

Review Recommendations

Once our senior engineers and technology experts have analyzed the results from the onsite assessment and interviews, we’ll create a robust report of the findings to highlight top priority risks, vulnerabilities, and opportunities to optimize your network and IT systems to support your growth.

GlacisTech's Worry-Free IT Risk Assessment includes:

  • On-site scan and consultation
  • Visually inspect physical integrity of all network & server equipment and cabling
  • Appraise power protection systems
  • Measure speed & performance of the network and detectable components
  • Review internet / WAN reliability and speed
  • Evaluate secure remote access and VPN
  • Audit anti-virus scanning & protection systems
  • Analyze patch management
  • Review aging hardware and software
  • Complete Dark Web scan for potential threats
  • Evaluate backup systems and disaster recovery procedures
  • Review active directory security policies
  • Analyze proactive network security tools & systems

What you don't know CAN hurt you.

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Worry-Free IT Risk Assessment.

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Free IT Assessment | GlacisTech | Managed IT Services | Dallas TX

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