Comprehensive, multi-layered threat protection
to keep your organization safe.

Your IT infrastructure is the backbone of your organization’s growth. Network stability and up-time are critical concerns to ensure your employees have access to the data they need to drive business operations.

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Will cybercrime impact
your growth plans?

IT systems vulnerable to data breaches, ransomware, malicious viruses, spam, and DDoS attacks can have a devastating impact on your organization’s business – and reputation.

And it’s not just large businesses who suffer at the hands of cybercriminals. According to Juniper Research, half of the cyberattacks targeted small businesses. And Cybint reports that in 2019 more than 60% of companies experienced cyber attacks such as DDoS (denial of service), phishing, and social engineering.

% of Companies in US Impacted by Cybercrimes

% of Cyberattacks were on Small Businesses

Randsomeware attacks
happen every


Comprehensive, multi-layered cybersecurity
services keep your assets secure

GlacisTech’s cybersecurity program is designed to combat cybercrimes and significantly lower your risk of data breaches, and protect your organization from ransomware, virus and malware incidents, phishing schemes, and data corruption.

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Cybersecurity Consulting & Assessments

Don’t wait for cybercrime to happen to your organization. GlacisTech’s team of cybersecurity specialists will help you spot vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure – before the attacks happen. As part of our managed cybersecurity program, we’ll run vulnerability scanning to help identify the weakest points in your technology and security protocols.

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Dark Web ID Monitoring

Stolen credentials are big business for cybercriminals – and a big problem for businesses. Industry experts estimate that over 30% of cyber attacks start with phishing, a social engineering tactic used to steal login and password credentials that can be sold on the dark web and used to launch additional attacks leading to large-scale data breaches and damage. With GlacisTech’s Dark Web IT monitoring, you’ll receive instant alerts when employee emails and passwords are compromised to help stop damaging breaches before they happen.

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AI-Powered Antivirus & Malware Protection

Malicious viruses constantly change, making it difficult for normal antivirus software to keep up. GlacisTech’s real-time active Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) utilizes patented AI algorithms to protect and defend against known and unknown threats in real-time. Utilizing AI, devices self defend and heal themselves by stopping malicious and malware processes, quarantining, and remediating to keep endpoints in a perpetually clean state.

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Compliance Process Automation

Maintain and document proof of GDPR, HIPAA, and cyber insurance compliance with GlacisTech’s compliance process automation suite. Our role-based platform, built specifically for compliance management, simplifies and standardizes the complicated process of compliance with automatic data collection, task notification, and built-in security scanning to identify vulnerabilities. Compliance Manager from GlacisTech helps you get in compliance and stay in compliance.

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Security Awareness Training

One of the biggest threats to your organization’s data security comes from inside your network. Also known as the ‘human element’, your employees pose a real threat to your data due to phishing and other vulnerabilities. GlacisTech security awareness training helps you mitigate human element risks by providing awareness to potential threats, developing competencies and techniques to abate attacks, and architecting comprehensive policies and guidelines to help your organization avoid costly security breaches.


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Why chose GlacisTech as your
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With extensive experience in cybersecurity, cutting-edge technology tools, and best-in-class cyber talent, GlacisTech has your back when it comes to protecting your assets. We’ll help you architect a comprehensive and proactive security ecosystem that combats real-world threats and safeguard your data.

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Analyze your current IT infrastructure to detect vulnerabilities from known and unknown threats

GlacisTech | Managed Service Provider | Dallas TX

Strengthen your existing security measures with cutting edge technology

GlacisTech | Managed Service Provider | Dallas TX

Prevent damaging breaches with continuous monitoring, real-time threat identification, SIEM (security information and event management) reporting and proactive alerts

GlacisTech | Managed Service Provider | Dallas TX

Simplify and automate your compliance process to maintain and demonstrate compliance for regulators

GlacisTech | Managed Service Provider | Dallas TX

Mitigate ‘human element’ failures with custom security awareness training, development of best practices and policies

GlacisTech | Managed Service Provider | Dallas TX

Develop a confident security position with preventative maintenance checkups, 24/7 expert support, and multi-layered remediation strategies

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