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Part 2 of a 2-Part Series


Tech Staffing Shortages Still Growing

As mentioned in Part 1:  IT Talent Shortages – What SMBs Need to Know, the world is in the throes of a significant shortage of skilled tech labor.

Already underway before the pandemic, the digital transformation went into warp speed during COVID as technology organizations refocused their entire workforce on communication and collaboration tools for the remote workforce. This accelerated adoption of technology combined with the Great Resignation and seismic shifts in workforce attitudes created a perfect storm of events.

The result? Organizations of all sizes struggle to attract, hire, and retain qualified technology talent.

So, what can SMBs do to gain skilled tech talent in such a competitive labor market?


How Managed Service Providers can fill the Tech Skills Gap

For most small to mid-sized businesses adopting advanced technology is the lifeblood of staying competitive in a brutally competitive marketplace. It’s ‘do or die’ in many cases.

But how can you build digital transformation into your business model if you can’t find the right IT talent to develop and maintain an advanced-technology infrastructure?

Many SMBs have found the answer by partnering with a qualified MSP (Managed Service Provider) organization to help them leverage technology and grow their business.

In a nutshell, an MSP partnership enables the business to outsource all or a portion of its IT function to the experts. Not only does this help improve productivity and decrease costs– but outsourcing also enables companies to focus on their core competencies instead of worrying about downtime or cyberthreats. This ‘hat trick’ of benefits is what industry experts refer to as the tipping point for leveraging technology to enable growth and capitalize on the digital transformation evolution.

7 Benefits of Partnering with an MSP to Overcome the Tech Talent Shortage

Here are a few ways a managed IT service provider can enable growth and digital transformation, despite the current tech labor shortage and workplace trends:

1) Thought Leadership on Tap
To stay competitive, more and more SMBs are utilizing technology to ‘punch above their weight’ and carve out more market share. To fully leverage the full potential of technology, organizations typically turn to their CIO (Chief Information Officer) for the expertise and thought leadership required.

For organizations that don’t have a CIO (Chief Information Officer) on staff, having the expertise of an MSP with virtual CIO capabilities is a game-changer.

Virtual CIOs provide high-level strategic guidance to help align the technology and processes of an organization to its business objectives, including where to invest IT resources to optimize productivity and earn higher returns on IT assets.

2) Plug-and-Play Technology Expertise  
Partnering with a qualified and expert MSP means you have a larger, more experienced, and more versatile pool of talent at your disposal 24/7. As discussed in Part I, keeping all the expertise you need on staff as FTE can be complicated and costly.

The ability to plug and play the right talent at the right time based on your organization’s needs can be an excellent way to boost productivity, increase focus on strategic projects, and reduce wasted resources.

Whether you need a cybersecurity expert or someone who can automate daily tasks for different departments – your MSP partner provides the best talent without the hassle and delay of recruiting and training yourself.

3) Predictable Spend & Elastic Scalability
A partnership with a qualified MSP enables organizations to enjoy more predictable monthly spending and avoid unplanned expenses that can completely derail their progress.

Additionally, managed services help organizations scale quickly with plug-and-play services that flex to match your business needs. This elastic availability of tech talent and resources means your business won’t skip a beat or experience delays in filling crucial tech skills required to take advantage of market opportunities.

4) Increased Uptime and Productivity
When partnering with a top managed service provider, you have their full resources at your disposal for complete visibility into the current state of your IT systems.

With advanced diagnostics, preventative maintenance, and 24/7 monitoring, your MSP can reduce downtime by identifying and remediating issues before they cause business interruptions.

5) State-of-the-Art Technology and Software
Managed service partners provide access to best-in-class technology matched to your unique business needs. This capability translates into reduced infrastructure costs and the ability to leverage technology that works for you now — and well into the future.

In today’s competitive environment, leveraging advanced technology and capitalizing on digital transformation could be the difference between an increase in market share — or a loss.

When evaluating a managed service provider for this benefit, make sure you find a partner with thought-leadership to help assess the best technology for your needs, not one who just wants to sell you what they carry.

6) Expert Protection from Increased Cyberthreats
Partnering with an MSP with cybersecurity expertise helps safeguard your organization’s assets. And, your MSP can help protect you from business interruptions such as data breaches, ransomware, and malicious cyber-attacks.

MSPs with cybersecurity expertise provide a proactive multi-layered approach to prevent as many attacks as possible through advanced detection, immediately quarantine suspected breaches, promptly restore IT systems to minimize loss, and return your business to normal operations.

7) Enables More Focus on Your Core Business
Partnering with a qualified managed service provider enables organizational leaders to focus on their core business rather than worrying about their IT infrastructure.

From assessments that provide complete visibility and awareness into potential vulnerabilities to 24/7 monitoring, proactive maintenance, and enhanced protection from cyber threats — your MSP partner enables you to concentrate on leveraging your core capabilities to grow your business.

Additionally, the virtual CIO capabilities help ensure your tech stack reflects your organization’s goals by leveraging advanced technology uniquely geared to your organization’s needs and market situation.


While the world is going through a significant IT talent shortage, you have options to help your organization capitalize on digital transformation and carve out new market share.

The Great Resignation, remote and hybrid workforce trends, tech skill gaps, and increased cyber threats may be an excuse for some SMBs to lose ground, but it doesn’t have to be true for your organization.

Want to know more?

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