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Is your managed service provider delivering the value you need for your SMB?

How to find, evaluate, and switch to the right MSP for your business. (Part 1)


Business complexities increase the demand for MSP model for SMBs

In today’s frenzied business climate, SMBs face hurdles at warp speed. Seismic shifts in the adoption of digital transformation, escalating cybersecurity threats, and evolving cloud migration are, but a few of the trends business leaders must tackle if they want to survive.

SMBs who want to leverage these trends to outmaneuver the competition and grow market share have increasingly turned to the Managed IT Services model to help them do more with less. A recent study by Modor Intelligence estimates that organizations that successfully adopted and deployed managed services saw a reduction of 24-45% in IT costs and a 45-65% increase in operational efficiency.

As more and more burdens are placed on SMB leadership, strategically outsourcing non-core activities enables leaders to focus on their core expertise and capitalize on the expansive opportunities provided by technology advancements.

Easy decision, right?

Organizations frustrated with MSP partner

Recent studies suggest that business leaders see the benefits of engaging with a managed service partner and are willing and eager to offload non-core services. Yet, many organizations are unhappy with their current managed services partner and looking to make a change.

Reasons for the dissatisfaction vary somewhat, but several critical themes dominate the top spots in the reported findings, including:

  • Lack of communication and responsiveness of the MSP and MSSP
  • Mismatch in services offered versus services needed
  • Lack of MSP’s understanding of organizations’ business goals and drivers
  • Inexperience and skill deficiencies in critical emerging technologies
  • Inability to provide accurate budgeting, planning, and reporting

How to capitalize on the real benefits of a managed services partnership


Successfully deploying a managed services partnership can reap enormous advantages for SMBs in this complex, warp-speed landscape of disruptive technologies. But there is also much to consider when evaluating and hiring an MSP and MSSP partner.

How to evaluate an MSP partner before you sign a contract

What should you look for in a managed service provider? What questions should you ask before you sign the contract? What should you expect from your MSP partner? What specific services and tools will they leverage to grow your business?

Know first, thyself

The answer to all these questions will depend on you. The first order of business when starting to evaluate an MSP partner is to clarify your general requirements and business goals. Your needs will differ if you are looking to augment your internal IT support than if you are planning major initiatives such as cloud migration, infrastructure changes, or enhancing your security stance from escalating cyber threats.

Whatever your IT needs, finding the right MSP partner is the key to your success. So, we’ve compiled a list of critical factors to keep in mind when evaluating your new MSP partner.

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 Have more questions about how managed services can help your organization enhance IT agility, reduce IT expenses, and carve out more market share? Give us a call! We’re here and ready to help.

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