Worry-Free HIPAA Compliance for Nonprofits

Protect Your Mission and Clients:
Free HIPAA Compliance Assessment for Nonprofits

Protecting Your Clients… and Your Cause 


Nonprofits handle sensitive information daily, and the risk of a data breach can lead to serious consequences, including the exposure of client data. Such breaches not only compromise client privacy but can also lead to a loss of funding and an erosion of trust in your organization.

Our free HIPAA Compliance Assessment is designed to identify vulnerabilities before they become costly problems, ensuring the safety of your clients’ data and the integrity of your mission.

Overcoming Barriers:

Expertise & Resources at No Cost

We understand that many nonprofits face barriers such as limited budgets, a lack of in-house expertise, and the concern that compliance efforts might divert valuable resources from their core mission.

Our free assessment is specifically tailored to address these challenges, providing expert insights without any financial burden. This way, you can take the first step to ensuring compliance without compromising on your nonprofit’s budget.

Proactive Approach:

Addressing Compliance Before It's Too Late

Delaying a HIPAA compliance assessment can lead to unforeseen and expensive remediations down the line. Our assessment not only identifies potential issues but also offers clear, actionable steps for remediation.

This proactive approach ensures that you are always one step ahead, preventing compliance issues before they arise.

Empowering Your Mission:

Compliance with Confidence

Our goal is to empower your nonprofit with the confidence of knowing you are fully compliant.

With our free HIPAA Compliance Assessment, you can focus on what you do best – serving your mission and community – while we take care of ensuring that your data handling practices are up to the latest standards.

Secure Your Nonprofit's Future Today

Free, No-obligation Worry-Free HIPAA Compliance Assessment

Don’t let compliance worries hold you back. Take the first step towards securing your organization’s future by signing up for our Free HIPAA Compliance Assessment. Click here to schedule your assessment and start your journey towards complete data security and peace of mind.

GlacisTech | Managed Service Provider | Dallas TX
Uncover potentially debilitating hidden risks & vulnerabilities
GlacisTech | Managed Service Provider | Dallas TX
Identify priority issues for budgeting & strategic planning

GlacisTech | Managed Service Provider | Dallas TX
Gain strategic insight into optimizing your systems for your unique environment
GlacisTech | Managed Service Provider | Dallas TX
Discover opportunities to leverage technology for increased productivity and cost savings
GlacisTech | Managed Service Provider | Dallas TX
Stealth-mode process, non-intrusive and won’t interfere with operations or slow down networks
GlacisTech | Managed Service Provider | Dallas TX
Performed by certified senior engineers usually within 1-2 hours

Why GlacisTech?
Your Mission is Our Focus


GlacisTech believes in supporting our nonprofit partners with innovative solutions that minimize distractions, reduce costs, and enable your organization to focus on its mission.

We are experts in servicing nonprofits because we have a long history of creating value by architecting solutions specifically designed for organizations like yours. Here are a few reasons why so many nonprofits chose to partner with GlacisTech:

Trust & Relationships


We prioritize relationships and work hard to earn your trust in everything we do.

In fact, 99% of our new nonprofit business comes from referrals from our nonprofit partners. Want to know what they say about us? Give us a call, we'd be glad to share their feedback.

Compliance & Security Expertise


Our robust technology stack, engineered processes, and in-depth knowledge and experience in HIPAA and cybersecurity means you’ll have a partner who minimizes risks and helps protect your data, reputation, funding, and peace of mind.

Responsiveness & Flexibility


Every service team member is completely dedicated to servicing your needs with tailored solutions.

And, we have an unwavering commitment to the highest level of responsiveness, and the ability to flex around your demanding schedules.

Thought Leadership


As a strategy-first partner, we’ll ensure you have the thought leadership to help you avoid potential risks that could impact your mission.

Utilizing our technology and security roadmaps, we’ll help you understand your technology requirements and risks so you can plan accordingly to secure board support --and achieve your mission objectives.

Local Presence


Having your neighbor as your IT expert comes in handy.

Located in Richardson, Texas, we’re right around the corner and ready to support your mission with on-site and remote support, faster response times, and of course, that legendary Texas customer service.

Howdy, we’ll be right over.

Consistency & Cost Savings


GlacisTech is mission-focused on excellence 100% of the time.

Our operational processes are meticulously engineered to ensure repeatable, scalable solutions that ensure consistent operations for you with zero-waste cost savings.

And, that's savings that helps your bottom line.

Ready to know where you stand on HIPAA Compliance?

Expert support nonprofits
count on — 24/7

When you have GlacisTech in your corner, you have a partner who knows your business – and your IT systems.

Our relationship-focused, dedicated team approach means you’ll always have access to a team member ready to help you solve any issues that arise. And, our best-in-class technology provides around-the-clock monitoring with cutting-edge tools to tackle even the most challenging IT situations.

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